Selecting the Best Air Conditioning Contractor

Your home is one of your biggest lifetime investments. Making sure that it is in the right condition is important to keep your family happy, safe and comfortable. One of the best ways to do this is to run regular maintenance checks on your appliances, which include your air conditioner and heating unit. And with this, you’ll need a reliable Air Conditioning Contractor (HVAC) that will take the burden out of your hand, whether it is need to install a new equipment or do work on an existing one.

Before you shell-out some hard-earned money, there are important things to consider when it comes to choosing the best contractor. It is not about the cheapest quote! There is a big difference between cheap and value for money. You don’t want inexperienced technicians to mess with your AC. A hurried job is also out of the options. You need a company that uses the right tools, people and has and extensive experience for this job.

To help you pick the best HVAC contractor, below are useful tips that you can consider:

*Do your research. Word-of-mouth recommendations are an example of good research. Talk to your neighbors. Find out which contractor they have hired in the past that satisfy them the most and which companies are to avoid.

*Don’t be hesitant to ask important questions. A quality contractor is always open to answer customer inquiries. Before hiring, ask below questions just to see if the company fits the bill.

  • Does the company follows state local codes, industry regulations and policies?
  • Are the staff and technicians prompt, courteous and provides fast service?
  • Do the technicians have the ability to not only install but also design the right equipment that matches your home condition?
  • Do they use the latest tools and are up to date with industry’s latest trends?
  • Does the company cares about the environment? Do the manager knows how to recycle or dispose used refrigerant to prevent release of CFCs?
  • Does the service package includes a day-to-day recommendation on how to take good care of the newly repaired or installed unit?
  • Lastly, ask if they are a member of Air Conditioning Contractors of America. Members of this organization have access to the latest improvements in air conditioning systems.


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